Help Americans Inc. is an IRS approved 501C3 nonprofit organization, Gold Member with Guidestar, Registered in the State of Florida. The Charity is raising $10 Million to build an all-inclusive housing community for Homeless and Disabled Veterans. Our community will have a section for Dogs we rescue from Shelters where our Veterans will work with professional trainers teaching these Dogs to become Service Dogs. A detailed description on our project is at the bottom of the page.


Help Americans Inc. is fortunate to have Jerry Costanzo a United States Veteran that served in the Navy during the Vietnam War as our board member heading up the Veterans Housing Community. Jerry spent his career in construction and is one of the first 50,000 General Contractors in the State of Florida. His License Number is CGC043277. His License is current and in good Standing.


Jerry Costanzo Junior was one of the founders of our Charity with the vision to help our Veterans in need. Unfortunately Jerry died on January 6th 2017. Jerry had a Brain Aneurysm at the age of 40. Jerry Senior in an effort to carry on his son’s legacy is doing a Walkathon to raise the Donations needed to build the Housing Community for our Homeless Veterans.  Jerry at the age of 64 is willing to walk 2000 miles in his son’s honor for our Soldiers. 


Our Veterans Housing Community will have a memorial built in honor of Jerry’s son. We want to pay our respects to all the Parents who lost a child before there time. No Parent should outlive their child. 


Jerry Costanzo is preparing to do a Walkathon to  raise donations for his brothers in arms. Jerry is going to walk the Appalachian Trail starting in Georgia and working his way the 2000 miles to Maine. He is doing this in honor of his son and for all the Men and Women who proudly served our Country.

Help Americans Inc. is asking every American to become an American VIP by donating to his 2000 Mile Walkathon and help this grieving Father fulfill his son’s dream.

$1- $5- $10 – $20 – $50 Together we can make a difference

The American VIP that would like to help our Veterans by making a Charitable Donation can do so through our Credit Card Portal. If every American contributes a small Donation it will help  make a difference in our Soldiers Lives.

95% of your Donation will go to helping Veterans!!!

January of each Calendar year Help Americans Inc.’s CPA will prepare an Audited Financial Statement that all donors will have access to. 

Our Charity is Proud to only use 5% for administration leaving 95% to actually go the people who need it most.

Donations made to Help Americans Inc. are tax deductible in accordance with current laws for US tax payers. Help Americans Inc, (EIN: 81-4001282) is a tax-exempt charity under section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Service code.

Download our IRS Determination Letter if you need it for your records.

As a Donor your name will be forever engraved on the entrance wall of our Veterans Housing Community as an  American VIP who made a difference.

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Help Americans Inc. is creating an American VIP shirt that all Donors will receive on a Donation of  $50 or more. It is our way of saying thank you. see below the monogram that will be displayed on the front of the shirt:


The Sad Truth

20 American Heroes take their lives everyday suffering from PTSD caused by the atrocities they endured fighting for our freedom. Our All-inclusive Housing Program will provide Food, Clothing, and Shelter with onsite Professional Counseling in Individual and Group settings.

Over 39,000 Homeless Veterans– The U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimates that 39,471 veterans are homeless on any given night. Background & Statistics – National Coalition for Homeless Veterans

A Solution that will make a difference

Help Americans Inc. is currently negotiating to purchase 2 large parcels of land totaling approximately 107 acres in the North West quadrant of Palm Beach County Florida. The total asking price for the land is approximately $875,000. We are doing an initial Fund raise of $1,250,000 to Buy the Property and to order a Feasibility Study and a full set of Plans for the development.

75 Acres for Veterans

Casa Palm Beach will be our first all-inclusive housing community for our Homeless and Disabled Veterans. The Community will be built by donations from Corporate and Private Donors as part of the American VIP Program.

We are Proud to present our Veterans Housing Project


Casa Palm Beach will be a very large all-inclusive housing community almost like a City for Homeless and Disabled Veterans. The development will be comprised of 4 Quadrants:

Commercial Quadrant

The plan is to bring the Biggest and Best of American Corporations in as the Charity’s Anchor Sponsors. As a Sponsor these Corporations will build a location in Casa Palm Beach that will provide goods and services to the Veterans and the local community for profit. This will also provide employment opportunities for the Veterans that are capable of working.

The ideal sponsors to have a location within Casa Palm Beach would be a Super Center for Groceries, Medicine, house hold items and apparel, Fast Food, Multi Restaurant Management Company, Coffee Shop, Health Club, and any other everyday consumer based business that supplies good and services.

Soldiers Field

The plan is to have a national Health Club as one of the Sponsors listed above and to create intramural sporting events for all the Veterans capable of playing athletics.


One Bedroom Housing Units- will be built to house the Homeless and Disabled Veterans that have no families living with them. Each Unit will have a Golf Cart and a Bike for the Veterans to get around the large 107 acre community.

Two to Three Bedroom Housing Units- for Veterans that have families and need our support. The Units will also have Golf Carts and Bikes and there will be transportation provided for the Children to get to and from School.

Dog Training Facility

Doggie Paradise Will be a large Parcel of Land with a Big Barn. Help Americans Inc. will rescue Dogs that are locked in cages in Shelters across America. Doggie Paradise will have a Veterinary Clinic with Dog Trainers that will work with Veterans teaching the Dogs to become Service Dogs for the Veterans and Disable Americans Nationwide. Help Americans will work with other well known Charities specializing in helping Dogs to help with the funding of Doggie Paradise.

Help Americans Inc. will work with the Veterans Administration and other Charitable Organizations that specialize in helping Veterans to find Veterans across America that need Housing and bring them to Casa Palm Beach to live worry free.  

Help Americans Inc. will coordinate with the Veterans Administration to get VA approved professional Counselors and Medical Services on sight at Casa Palm Beach.

Your Support is Vital to Our Success

Help Americans Inc. understands that the economy is still recovering and times are tough. Even a small Donation will help us make a difference. Please join us by Donating Today.

Help Americans Inc. is proud to be working with the Salvation Army and The Faith Love and Hope Charity with their Forward March Program, HVRP.  The Forward March Program, funded by Federal Grants, help Homeless Veterans transition into Employment as the first step back to society.

Help Americans Inc. would like to give a special Thank You to Jeff Johnson the Manager of Home Depot located at 6800 Okeechobee Blvd in  West Palm Beach, Florida for their Continued support.

Help Americans Inc. has a full time Grant Writer who will obtain Federal and State Grants to assist in providing the financial resources for the Veterans.

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