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Car Buyers Program

Car Buyer’s Down Payment Assistance Program

The Principals of HELP AMERICANS INC. have spent several years working in the automotive industry in sales management with Toyota. During the time spent in the industry there were far too many times where we ran across people who were not properly educated in financial literacy and as a result became victim to their own credit profile. These people were trying to get reliable transportation to better their lives but were denied based on past payment history or lack thereof.

HELP FOR AMERICANS has a program to help these people by providing down payment assistance toward the purchase of their vehicle.


  • Car Buyer must register online at under the Car Buyer’s Assistance Program
  • Car Buyer must have stable employment
  • Car Dealership must email a copy of the buyers order with the requested amount for the down payment.
  • Help Americans Inc. will send a one page agreement where the Car dealership agrees to donate the amount of the down payment plus $200 to Help Americans Inc. A authorized Manager at the dealership will sign the agreement and return via email.
  • HELP AMERICANS INC. will courier the check to the dealership
  • The courier will exchange the down payment check provided by Help Americans Inc. for the donation made by the car dealership totaling the down payment plus $200.