Help Americans Inc. is an IRS approved 501C3 created to help Americans Nationwide. The 2008 Housing crisis crippled our society and left many Americans bankrupt. We created a division to help hard working people restore their credit. In the 1970’s Congress passed the Fair Credit Reporting Act to protect Americans from Creditors. Our preferred National Credit Restoration Experts understand the laws of the Fair Credit Reporting Act and use it to help you get back on the road to responsible credit. The Link below gives a brief description.


Our Credit Repair Specialist will evaluate your Credit Report up front to see how they can utilize the laws governed by the Fair Credit Reporting Act to dispute and remove the derogatory information the creditors are reporting to the 3 credit bureaus. Help Americans Inc. have negotiated wholesale prices for our Donors that have credit issues. To Register for your free analysis on your credit report simply clink on the link below and complete the registration form.