Welcome to the Help Americans Inc. Dollar for Scholar Program. Your Generous Donation today will become part of our Scholarship fund. Help Americans Inc. awards

Scholarships through this program in the following manner:

  • All of our students have the opportunity to participate in our monthly and quarterly fund raising events. A Scholarship is created for each student with the money they raise for the events. Help Americans Inc. matches the money raised by these students with donations from the general Scholarship fund. This program provides an incentive for each student to work hard in the development of their future.
  • The core to Inner City Crime Free Alliance is to provide an alternative to crime to Inner City Kids and Minorities through Education. Help Americans Inc. has an Educational Board that evaluates each student based on financial need and the student’s willingness to participate in the Help Americans Inc. programs. Your hard earned Donations are very important to the success of our program and we want to be certain that it is applied to the students who are committed to the opportunity.