1The President/CEO of Help Americans Inc. Richard Crowder has dedicated this program to Brenda Saunders. As a Child Brenda Lost her Mother due to an abusive relationship she was trapped in for years. When her mother finally had enough and made the attempt to move with her children Brenda’s Father with a cowardly act took her mother’s life. No child should have to go through the Trauma Brenda and her sister had to endure.

Unfortunately there are far too many abused woman and children trapped in a abusive relationship or living in shelters relying on soup kitchens for their meals.

HELP AMERICANS INC. is committed to helping the mothers get back on their feet by providing temporary housing, food and clothing, financial assistance toward an apartment, and a mentoring program to help find them employment. This program will be funded by Grants and Donations.

Our Grant Writer will continuously work to obtain Grants to help the Abused Mothers as well as seeking other nonprofits to help Help Americans Inc. with this very needed cause.

HELP AMERICANS INC. relies on donations from Corporate and Private Donors as well as the donations generated from the monthly Poker and Golf Charitable Events. Please join us as we work to make America a better place.

America’s International Investment Group, as a corporate sponsor to Help Americans Inc., has made a special offer of free stock with long term residual income to the Donors of Help Americans Inc. to help  the nonprofit raise the donations necessary to fund our core programs. Please go to Give to Receive to learn more about this special offer.

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