Help Americans Inc. is an IRS approved 501C3 nonprofit Organization Registered in the State of Florida. The Charity is a Gold Member in good standing with Guide Star.

Help Americans Inc.  founder Richard Crowder created a special program to help College Students get a head start on their future.

AIIG - no background

America’s International Investment Group was created as an IRS approved Real Estate Investment Trust to utilize a percentage of the Donations and Loans provided to Help Americans Inc. by purchasing commercial and residential real estate at deep discounts. The Real Estate Trust has donated 8 Millions Shares of Free Stock to Help Americans Inc. The Charity will assign up to 5 Million Shares of the free stock to the Americans who would like to help the Charity and take advantage of an opportunity for long term residual income on their contribution. This free stock donated to the Charity is a gift and is in no way considered an Investment.

Help Americans Inc. will  sign a Loan Agreement  as a interest only loan at 10% interest with the first 2 years of interest paid upfront. The People making the loan to the Charity will receive 50 shares of the free stock in the Real Estate Trust for Every $500.

The free stock donated to the Charity is not offered for sale to the public.

America’s International Investment Group will utilize the loans to purchase large portfolios of Commercial and Residential Real Estate at deep discounts. 100% of the profits will go to paying off the Principal and interest on the loans made to the Charity. Once all the Principal and Interest has been paid in full the profits will be distributed to all the share holders in proportion to their shares of stock.