HELP AMERICANS INC. is an IRS approved 501c3 nonprofit organization, Guide Star Gold Participant, registered in the State of Florida. The foundation provides assistance to first time home buyers and/or auto buyers through available government and private programs, and/or down payment assistance when applicable. The foundation also provides temporary relief to those in need of assistance during life altering events including programs to help US Veterans, the Homeless, and Americans in need.

HELP AMERICANS INC. has 3 core programs to help our society:


HELP for AMERICANS has a special first time home buyer program through FHA and other Mortgage programs where the nonprofit provides down assistance for the buyer.

HELP AMERICANS Inc. has a network of Real Estate, Mortgage, and Title Companies that are committed to help with this worthy cause. The first time home buyer must be prequalified for mortgage financing prior to registering with HELP AMERICANS INC.’S first time home buyer program. This program is available to all 1st time home buyers in Broward and Palm Beach Counties as long as they meet all the criteria’s set forth by the lender. The 1st time home buyer program is funded by generous corporate and private donations. All donations are 100% tax deductible as Help Americans Inc. is an IRS approved 501C3 nonprofit organization registered in the State of Florida.

As we obtain grants and donations for this program, it is our mission to expand the first time home buyer program County by County, State by State until we are able to help all first time home buyers seeking our help.


We as Americans have completely dropped the ball on giving the honor and support to our Veterans.

HELP AMERICANS INC. is committed to helping our Veterans by providing financial assistance for life altering events, Housing for our Homeless Veterans, and Scholarships and Grants for higher education. These programs are funded by Grants and Donations. We have a national Grant Writer on our Board of Directors working diligently to fund all of these worthy programs.

Help Americans Inc. will begin the Veterans Relief Programs in Broward and Palm Beach Counties. As we obtain grants and donations for this program, It is our mission to expand this core program County by County, State by State until we are able to help all Veterans in need.

Temporary Financial Relief

As with many Americans across the country there will be times when a US Veteran experiences financial difficulty due to a life altering event.
Help Americans Inc. will set up a Trust Account through Grants and Donations to fund these life altering events. The nonprofit does not have an unlimited amount of resources to fund this program and will set up a

Veterans Relief Board of Directors and will work with the Veterans Administration to determine the Veterans that require the assistance the most. This program is top priority for our national grant Writer.

Housing for our Homeless Veterans

It is heartbreaking to see our heroes laying in an alley somewhere homeless, hungry, and all alone.

The biggest endeavor Help Americans Inc. will embark on is building housing communities for our Homeless Veterans in close proximity to Veterans Administration Hospitals across the Country.

This program will begin in Palm Beach County and as Donations and Grants come in we will begin our search for land to begin the first housing project. It is our mission to expand this core program County by County, State by State until we are able to help all Homeless Veterans in need.

The Housing Community will designed to give our Veterans a sense of Home. Help Americans Inc.’s Grant Writer has her on foundation that rescued dogs all across America. The plan is to build 1 bedroom homes where the Veteran can live and have a rescue dog as their pet. Each community will have a Mess Hall, Gym, Chapel, Psychological services and other amenities to make their lives as pleasant as possible. These Veterans are our Heroes and deserve all this and much more.
We are going to have a virtual wall on our website where each DONOR after making their generous donation will have their name engraved on the Veterans Wall of Fame.


There are far too many woman and children living in shelters relying on soup kitchens for their meals.

HELP for AMERICANS is committed to helping the mothers get back on their feet by providing temporary housing, food and clothing, financial assistance toward an apartment, and a mentoring program to help find them employment. This program will be funded by Grants and Donations. Our Grant Writer will also work diligently funding this program after we get the Veterans Relief Program underway.

Please log on to to make your generous donation.

HELP AMERICANS INC. would like to thank you for your consideration and sincerely hope you become part of our family to help our Americans in need.


Rick Crowder
President / CEO
Help Americans Inc.